Donielle L

Thank you again for everything. This past weekend truly changed my life and I will be forever grateful.

Donielle L.Inventory ReceiverMonroe, MI

In order to tap into our true essence and discover the real reason our Soul is here in the now, we must take a deep discovery into our perceptions of how the world has worked to this point. TLC will take you on that journey for the weekend and allow for discovery of your True Self every weekend after that.

Reid B.Financial AdvisorRaymond James Financial ServicesBeverly Hills, MI

I started work on my newest venture—my Hops Farm—within just a few days after I completed my course, and the whole thing started coming together quickly and easily. I had a vision of the kind of land I wanted, where I wanted it, and then it just appeared and I jumped on it. As I became more enthusiastic, people around me did too, and I have been receiving incredible support. I am confident that this new venture will be good for the community as well, add a new sector to the local economy, and provide some economic opportunity for more people in Ann Arbor.

Louis B.EntrepreneurAnn Arbor, MI

The words are lacking to express the gratitude that I have for all that you did to help a room full of people heal. The difference is not just a bit, but what you do is life changing. Every word had such purpose, meaning and was so right on!!! You gave me the opportunity to heal as well and the inspiration to keep going. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you do.

Susan M.
Jules E

Thank you so much for assisting me on my journey to freedom from my own prison. You really touch so many people’s lives and add so much to this world by doing what you do.

Jules E.MI