Scott F

TLC was the first step I took to opening my mind to the option of choices…understanding that I could create the kind of life I wanted and be the person I wanted to be. As a consequence of those choices, I have a deeper connection with my partner, my family, and my friends.

Scott F.HairstylistBeverly Hills, MI

I took the TLC course in Jan of 92! and I can truly declare after all these years that it was one of best things I have ever done for myself. I finally got that “life manual” that I was looking for, a life’s instructional manual a set of rules, beliefs and understanding that I could wrap myself around and reclaim my life-and become more effective as a person. I emerged from this course with a greater understanding about life and love and how I impacted my relationships and the world I belonged to. I learned to take responsibility for myself and all the mischief I created. This course is worth all risks and fear you may allow to stop you from claiming what can be yours! Take a leap of faith and do it. You will not regret it.

Vicki W.Retired NurseMonroe, MI
Donielle L

Thank you again for everything. This past weekend truly changed my life and I will be forever grateful.

Donielle L.Inventory ReceiverMonroe, MI

In order to tap into our true essence and discover the real reason our Soul is here in the now, we must take a deep discovery into our perceptions of how the world has worked to this point. TLC will take you on that journey for the weekend and allow for discovery of your True Self every weekend after that.

Reid B.Financial AdvisorRaymond James Financial ServicesBeverly Hills, MI

I started work on my newest venture—my Hops Farm—within just a few days after I completed my course, and the whole thing started coming together quickly and easily. I had a vision of the kind of land I wanted, where I wanted it, and then it just appeared and I jumped on it. As I became more enthusiastic, people around me did too, and I have been receiving incredible support. I am confident that this new venture will be good for the community as well, add a new sector to the local economy, and provide some economic opportunity for more people in Ann Arbor.

Louis B.EntrepreneurAnn Arbor, MI