In addition to their other professional training and experience, instructors of Redirecting Children’s Behavior (RCB) have been certified with the International Network for Children and Families.
Barbara A. Hosler

Barbara A. Hosler

Center Owner/Instructor

Barb is from Monroe, Michigan and has owned and operated The Center for Life Enhancement there since 1992. She is an educator, trainer, facilitator, coach, author, wife of 36 years, mother and grandmother.

Barb is a Certified Parent Educator and Trainer with the International Network for Children and Families. For the past 20+ years, she has been sharing her insights and knowledge with individuals, couples, families and teachers; at conventions, in corporations, in classrooms, and as a featured guest on several radio talk shows.

“ As a parenting coach/instructor, it is not only my goal to guide parents/teachers how to raise wholesome, loving and responsible children, but I want parents/teachers to be able to enjoy and laugh with their kids and go to bed at night knowing that they are the parents/teachers that they always wanted to be.”

Beyond TLC, Barb continues to motivate and encourage people of all ages to grow beyond what they believe possible through teaching such other personal growth courses as:

  • Redirecting Children’s Behavior—a 15 hour parenting course
  • The Kid’s Course—personal growth and team building for kids ages 8-12
  • The Next Step—a year-long leadership program
  • Living With Power—a one-day empowerment workshop

She has had the pleasure to teach these courses not only in the United States, but in Israel and Spain, as well.

Barb is the proud recipient of the 2007, “Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Award for Uplifting Human Values” given by the international Art of Living Foundation.