About Us

The Center for Life Enhancement (CLE) was founded in 1992 by Jim and Barb Hosler with the vision of:

Casting ripples of love and compassion by impacting one person at a time…for the purpose of uniting the world in peace.

To accomplish this, we provide life-changing experiences for those who desire to grow personally and professionally by offering personal development courses to give them new tools, understanding and awareness to transform their lives.

At the CLE, we believe that world peace will not happen one nation at a time, but within the hearts of individuals who understand the power of their own self-worth. We strive to increase the quality and depth to which people of all ages participate in their lives, relationships and careers. It is our belief that as individuals experience greater joy, love and peace in their own lives, they will in turn treat others with deeper respect and kindness.

This spirit of understanding, compassion and cooperation has the power to create a ripple effect that will positively impact their communities and ultimately our world at large.

I can still remember the 10-year anniversary like it was yesterday! I learned so much from you…Thanks for all you’ve done to make the world a more peaceful place.

Sue M.Wyandotte, MI

I cannot imagine life’s journey without the Center for Life Enhancement. CLE has left an imprint on my soul.

Rand P.Evansville, IN

So many people talk about changing the world, but you have truly put wings to your dream at the Center for Life Enhancement.

Jeff D.Cleveland, OH
Terrie W

Thank you for the opportunities you have given my family. You have taught us so much and given us a future together that we would not have had otherwise. We are very grateful to you and the Center…Our lives have forever been changed for the better and for that I am truly blessed.

Terrie W.Social WorkerWarren, MI