Over the years, we’ve received many questions about Redirecting Children’s Behavior (RCB). Hopefully yours will be answered below, and if not, please feel free to drop us an email.
Who takes RCB and why?
  • Parents/Step-parents
  • Teachers
  • Day care providers
  • Grandparents
  • Healthcare workers
  • Counselors
  • Foster parents
  • Anyone who interacts with children

Adults who have children in their lives know how frustrating it can be. Most feel the responsibility of impacting them in a way that will bring about their best. However, given only the skills they were raised with, they often finds themselves at wits end. Most adults have a very limited supply of tools in their “Parenting Tool Box.” RCB will fill your toolbox with many new ideas and proven techniques—ones that will allow you to expend much less energy and feel good about your interactions with your children.

I work all day and the kids participate in many activities, so it’s difficult to make time for the five weeknights of the course. Why isn’t RCB offered over a weekend?
Due to the wide range of skills that are taught, RCB is held over a five-week time period. At the end of each session, you will set a goal for the week using the techniques you have just learned. Practicing and integrating new skills takes time. During the next session, you’ll have the opportunity to share your experiences, get answers to questions about scenarios that may have taken place and explore new techniques to apply moving forward. Attending the course just one weekend would not allow you to practice your newly acquired skills. Instead, you may leave feeling overwhelmed and likely not implement any of them.
What sort of "exercises" will we do during the course?

You’ll learn the techniques of RCB through a variety of methods, including:

  • Lecture and demonstration of new parenting skills
  • Group sharing and discussion
  • Role-play exercises
  • Brainstorming solutions to your specific family concerns
  • Practicing skills you can use at home

AND, the cost of tuition also includes the Redirecting Children’s Behavior book and workbook plus many useful handouts.

What ages of children is RCB best for?
If you have (or work with) children anywhere between birth and 70+ years old, this course is for you. After all, you don’t stop being a parent just because your kids grow up. RCB teaches you how to continually enhance your relationships with your children. Sometimes, individuals attend RCB even before having or adopting their first child in order to comprehend what is required to become a great parent. In short, RCB skills can be applied to virtually any age.
My children are young now, and I don’t think I'll remember the skills when they're teenagers. Should I wait to take RCB when they are older?
Come now! Have the advantage of laying a firm foundation for a strong and healthy family early. Then as your children grow, if you want to refresh what you learned, you are welcome to return FREE OF CHARGE to review the course again. Once you’ve been a student, RCB is available to you whenever you want a refresher.
My husband/wife/partner and I were raised very differently, and it causes many disagreements. How will RCB help us?
One of the major causes of conflict in a relationship is how to raise the children. After all, each of you comes to parenting with a different background and beliefs about child rearing. Maybe you’ve heard your partner say, “I was raised like that and I turned out okay,” but you strongly oppose his/her parenting methods. One of the greatest benefits of RCB is that it helps you sort out the strongest of your individual styles and create a new joint parental style that both of you can support. With neither of you being ‘right’ or ‘wrong,’ you can support and encourage each other instead of being at odds. We’d call that a “Win/Win” for everyone…especially the children.
I want to attend RCB but my partner doesn’t. What would you suggest?

It’s always better for both parents (whether living together or in separate homes) to attend so that each can learn and practice the same techniques. Being consistent in your parenting styles will help create stability and eliminate confusion for your children. It also allows each of you to support the other in parenting.

If your partner is not interested, we’d suggest that you kindly ask her/him to commit to attending just the first class. Offer your assurance that the decision of continuing is in his/her hands with no pressure on your part. Spoiler alert: We promise to make the class so interesting and fun that your partner can’t help but eagerly return for the rest!

Will all of our problems be solved after RCB?
If only we could promise that everything will be perfect moving forward! However, if you really choose to practice and apply the RCB techniques, we do promise that your home and family will be more calm, connected, loving, cooperative, respectful…and MUCH MORE FUN! You will experience less stress, be less exhausted, and you’ll sleep at night knowing you were the kind of parent you wanted to be that day.
What happens after we complete RCB?
We want you to feel continually supported as a parent. As your children grow and mature, if you find you’d like to restrengthen your RCB techniques, you’re always welcome to return FREE OF CHARGE to review the course. Once you’ve been a student, RCB is available to you whenever you want a refresher.
I’ve heard that RCB's techniques can also be applied in the corporate world. How can a parenting class teach me how to be more successful at work?

Let’s face it, we’re all up to mischief throughout our lives, and that doesn’t change just because one walks into work. Learning how to handle such behavior is not much different from the skills you would use in redirecting children’s misbehavior.

In RCB you will learn to:

  • Proactively resolve power struggles
  • Dissolve harmful cycles of revenge
  • Redirect inappropriate attention-getting behavior
  • Facilitate productive meetings
  • Create Win/Win solutions
  • Take actions that leave people feeling appreciated and valuable
  • Establish an atmosphere that cultivates respect and personal responsibility
  • Develop a leadership style that inspires creativity and input
Is it worth the price?
If you continually practice the techniques we teach in RCB, we promise that your home and family will change for the better. And it’s not necessary to continue paying for “advanced” or “master” classes. Once you’ve taken RCB, you’re always welcome to return FREE OF CHARGE to review the course. Once you’ve taken RCB, it’s available to you whenever you want a refresher.
Are RCB courses offered anywhere else?
Yes! The Living Course is also offered at our partner center in New York City. Please visit The Living Course, New York for more details.
I still question whether RCB is for us.
If you’d like more information or would like to speak personally with us to determine if Redirecting Children’s Behavior is right for your family, please contact us and we will gladly get back to you.