Our TKC Instructors below bring with them years of experience, compassion, insight, gentleness, an affinity for playful fun and an absolute love of children.
Barbara A. Hosler

Barbara A. Hosler

Center Owner/Instructor

Barb is from Monroe, Michigan and has owned and operated The Center for Life Enhancement there since 1992. She is an educator, trainer, facilitator, coach, author, wife of 36 years, mother and grandmother.

Barb is a Certified Parent Educator and Trainer with the International Network for Children and Families. For the past 20+ years, she has been sharing her insights and knowledge with individuals, couples, families and teachers; at conventions, in corporations, in classrooms, and as a featured guest on several radio talk shows.

“ Kids are the BEST…they are honest, fun and sponges for learning. I dream of children growing up feeling loved, powerful, caring about their fellow humans, and knowing that they are whole and complete. THE KIDS COURSE gives me the opportunity to support their parents in creating a foundation for self-love and empowered kids…the future leaders in our world.”

Beyond TLC, Barb continues to motivate and encourage people of all ages to grow beyond what they believe possible through teaching such other personal growth courses as:

  • Redirecting Children’s Behavior—a 15 hour parenting course
  • The Kid’s Course—personal growth and team building for kids ages 8-12
  • The Next Step—a year-long leadership program
  • Living With Power—a one-day empowerment workshop

She has had the pleasure to teach these courses not only in the United States, but in Israel and Spain, as well.

Barb is the proud recipient of the 2007, “Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Award for Uplifting Human Values” given by the international Art of Living Foundation.

Jonathan Rayson

Jonathan Rayson


Jonathan’s focus has always been in the field of arts and communications. He is a professional actor, singer and recording artist, having appeared on Broadway as well as in regional and touring productions nationwide. He also enjoys a supplemental career as a freelance graphic designer and web developer. (As a matter of fact, you’re witnessing his talents right now on our very own Center for Life Enhancement website.) Whether on stage, screen or audio recording—or via printed media or web page—Jonathan is constantly striving to connect with his audience…an aspiration that his work with The Kids Course has supported and enhanced for many years.

“Teaching The Kids Course is always a rewarding experience for me. Kids are naturally insightful, and I love helping them raise their self-awareness, build their self-confidence and learn to identify and express their feelings in positive ways. And what’s more, my interactions with them give me much more understanding and appreciation for the early experiences that have shaped each one of us. It’s important to make those childhood memories positive and uplifting ones.

Since 2011, Jonathan has been co-director of our partner center The Living Course, New York. Jonathan provides leadership, expertise and perseverance to co-manage the organization of TLC NY. His involvement with TLC spans decades, and because he is constantly inspired by the personally transformative nature of the work, he has made it his mission to ensure that the course continues to be available for others to experience.