The Starfish Story

The Star Fish poem is the heart of our Center. It embodies why we do what we do, as well as what we hope to inspire in each of our graduates.

It was still early, the mist had not yet cleared from the sea.
In the distance a solitary figure stood throwing objects out over the water.

Walking along the debris-strewn beach,
I looked a the masses of starfish scattered everywhere.
The tide had thrown them in, stranding them on the beach
As the sun rose higher, they would soon perish.

Approaching the stranger, I could see that it was the starfish he was
picking up and returning to the sea.

Our eyes met.

“Do you really think you can help?
There are millions of starfish on this beach.
You can help so few.
Does it really make a difference?
Does it matter?”

He reached down and picked up another starfish, looking at it intently.

“Oh yes,” he replied.
“It matters to this one.”

At the Center for Life Enhancement, it is our goal to make a difference—to matter—to one person at a time.